The next trip will run from Friday September 7th to Monday September 10th – cost will be £500 which should be paid to your guide on arrival in Kiev.


Our driver will collect you from the airport on your day of arrival and take you to checkin at your hotel.
The first night includes a meal and drinks in Kiev where the gang can get to know each other.
Transport to and from your hotel for the meal is all included in the price, so is the hotel.


After breakfast in the hotel our driver will collect you and take you to the exclusion zone.
For anyone that missed breakfast at the hotel a quick stop off at Mac Donalds can be arranged!
On arrival at the exclusion zone we will go straight through the 30km checkpoint, and the 10km checkpoint and start to explore the abandoned city of Pripyat where you can see the iconic places featured in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.
See clothing requirements and other rules of entering the zone here.
Sandwiches at lunchtime and an evening meal of pizza/burger and chips inside the exclusion zone is included.
We will spent the night in a safe, clean and comfortable hotel inside the exclusion zone!


After breakfast we will set off for our second day exploring the radioactive Chernobyl exclusion zone.
We will visit DUGA the Soviet Union’s massive over the horizon radar which can be seen in the campaign mode of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare – it is more impressive in real life than in the game!
When we have finished exploring the exclusion zone we will organise some paintball missions – this is the first time we have been able to arrange such activity within the zone so you will be amongst the first people to experience paint balling in the zone!
Lunch (sandwiches, crisps, soft drinks etc) is included.
After the paint ball missions we will head back to Kiev and depending on the time and your preference you can either be dropped off back at the hotel, or in Maydan Square if you want to explore the city centre and nightlife in Kiev.


After breakfast at the hotel a slight later start today to accommodate those who had a night out in Kiev last night.
Our driver will collect everyone at 10:00 and we will head out into the countryside and try our hand at firing a real AK-47 with live ammunition.
According to the groups desires we can shoot individually, or arrange shooting contests between individuals or groups as you prefer.
There will be plenty of photo and video opportunities whilst shooting and a BBQ for lunch with soft drinks will be provided.
After lunch we will head back into Kiev.
Those who wish to participate in an adventure in Kiev with our friends from Another Kiev will be dropped off to meet their guide, otherwise it is a free afternoon in Kiev (If you dont want to go out with Another Kiev! we can suggest lots of cool things to do instead – just ask!)
The cost of your activity with Another Kiev, if you choose to participate in one, is not included in the price of our tour and you will need to pay Another Kiev directly for this (their prices are normally around £15 per person depending on the activity!)
If you are going home today then we can arrange transport to the airport for you later in the afternoon.

If you want to extend your stay in Kiev then we can book additional days for you at the hotel and suggest lots more cool things to do while you are there – please ask about this when booking if you are interested.

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Please be aware that the management of the exclusion zone is very fluid. Whilst we make every effort to accommodate activities such as the paint balling and visits to particular places, it is always possible that these will have to be substituted on any particular trip, but to date this has never been the case.